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Singapore - Providing Leadership, a Model, and a Centre for Asian Chess

On the 15th of December 2007, the 19th Singapore-Malaysia Chess Challenge played over 140 matches took place. Predictably it was yet another victory for Singapore, this time by a score of 87 to 53, perhaps a flattering margin of defeat for Malaysia as for the third year in a row, Singapore opted to expose their juniors and girls and to blood younger less experienced players. The next day, the 16th of December 2007, the Seminar for Coaches started. And one day later, on 17th of December 2007, the 4th Singapore International Chess Convention swung into full gear with the Masters, Challengers and the FIDE Arbiters Seminar all getting underway. Every year there seems to be additions, often innovations, but all successfully contributing to the development of chess in the region - after all Singapore is a small place and much of what it does only makes sense if the rest of the world takes advantage and participates. Early this year Singapore was selected to host the first ever FIDE (World