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My Third & Final Resolution Fulfilled: No "Ifs" and "Buts" - I am Now a Trainer!

Polgar Chess Asia 22-1, Jalan 27/70 A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia T: +60 3 2300 1680  F: +60 3 2300 1689 30th January 2010 Dear Parent/Student, CHESS EDUCATION & TRAINING PROGRAMS - THE POLGAR CHESS ASIA WAY! It has taken some time - perhaps a bit longer than we would have liked since we announced Polgar Chess Asia - but it was the right decision to start with and then build on the lessons from our successful holiday programs - and we have now put together a complete chess education and training program that we are both happy with and also know will actually work! So from 1 February 2010, Polgar Chess Asia through Effective Commerce Sdn. Bhd. in our first centre in Kuala Lumpur will no longer be the service provider to the now dormant Intchess (M) Sdn. Bhd, but the actual operator. We are offering three separate but synergistic tracks to meet every need - chess as child enrichment, chess for development, and chess thro

Trying to Play Chess!

One of the things I feel trainers should do is to play from time to time (and of course while no longer playing with ambition it is still necessary that the level of tournament would be challenging). After all the objective is to "keep your hand" as I have said before in an earlier post and to understand better what the current competitive environment is like so as to be able to do a better job with your students. Well, as much I would like to play the KL Open (most convenient), I am the organiser so that is fairly unrealistic if I wanted it to be a useful exercise! One idea I had was to play in the Thailand Open and perhaps one or two others every year (Unfortunately not the Malaysian Open as I find that the participants pretty much the same each year) but now that the KL Open has started a partnership with the Bangkok Chess Club to do our events back to back I was not sure I would be able to get away

KLCA is looking to organise big locally in the first half of 2010!

Well, it is time to put up over my New Year resolutions and I am pleased to say that the current report card would indicate that my first resolution is being maintained, the second successfully being done and the third is finally well on the way! Here, let's just talk about that which is being done and that now means that KLCA (Kuala Lumpur Chess Association) will not only hold the KL Rapid Grand Prix which will run with a 45 minute time control played over weekends monthly at the Royal Selangor Club at Dataran Merdeka  from February to June 2010 over 4 legs and a final (see ), but also that we are also now ready with the details of the 3rd KL Open Chess Championship to be held from 6-12 April 2010 (see ). WITHER KL YOUNG TALENT DEVELOPMENT? The KL Rapid series has an open section and an under 12 section, and the reason for the latter is to p

New Year Resolution

The last three years since I returned to chess has been a wild adventure - for sure one that I wished I never started - and I suppose New Year's Eve is as good as any a time to take stock even though to be absolutely honest with myself I do know what I need to do for some 6 months now! 1. FIDE, ACC, MCF? Well, I won't presume to tar everyone involved with the same brush but fundamentally it is the "Koya" culture and I am no great man like India's D.V. Sundar at national level to bring things around like he has with sheer force of will together with incredible energy and talent, and of course while I am still hopefully of change regionally as the leadership is absolutely without credibility, I can say from experience (now!) that it is an even more thankless task at the biggest stage of all without loads of money. So as I understood so well 20 years ago, good luck to the stakeholders. It is your fight! And I salute you.... 2. KLCA! Well I intend that to be my so