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An Embarrassment and A Real Disgrace!

So the FIDE Elections came to pass pretty much as any informed or intelligent observer would have understood from the beginning. But what must poor old Dato Tan Chin Nam have been thinking when he chose to drag Malaysia into this fiasco as an advisor to the Karpov 2010 campaign at Garry Kasparov's behest (and then making it worst by proposing Abdul Hamid Majid for the seemingly key but largely symbolic position of General Secretary) and to choose participation in slander and much nastiness? Even Hamid’s must ardent fans at DATCC must have been surprised to be shown a whole new history of his ideals, achievements, and capabilities as that was completely at odds with the obvious 20+ years of failure we are suffering from his running the Malaysian Chess Federation. Yes, it was expected that other than making a few choice trips for personal pleasure and then sending out a letter to Asian Federations quite defamatory in its claims, all Hamid could really do to contribute was to