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Some of the Usual Suspects

It always seems to work like this. The sponsorship is confirmed and then a scramble to get venue, hotel, etc. followed by the formalities of registration, etc. Then the initial announcements of the event. On KLchess and FaceBook, with our friends like Susan Polgar, and at Chessdom which then leads to the FIDE website. Next regional national chess federations are informed and of course with few exceptions there is no acknowledgement let alone replies and in some cases whispers are heard of jealousy and petty actions which hurt no one but the players they claim to represent. Within a week, some of the usual suspects, regulars who have come to the KL Open before, are in contact and this is going to be pretty much it (other than dealing with an enquiry from time to time) until a month before when we will get a flood of entries (especially from India, Singapore and Indonesia). But for now we have for sure from some dozen countries: Grandmasters 1. Wong Meng Kong (SIN) 2. Nguyen A

4th Kuala Lumpur International Open Chess Championship, 4-10 September 2011

Finally we have decided to do it - will confirm hotel by the weekend to compete the prospectus and then will be able to get the official letter out to MCF to register the event with FIDE. Below are some extracts to give the local chess community something more to talk about! 1. Organisers The 4 th KL International Open Chess Championship for the Raja Nazrin Shah Challenge Trophy is sponsored by the Masterskill Education Group Berhad and organised by Polgar Chess Asia for the Kuala Lumpur Chess Association (KLCA) under the auspices of the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) and is registered and recognised by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) as an international title and rated tournament. 3.  Prize Fund Open: 1 st - RM 10,000; 2 nd - RM 7,000; 3 rd - RM 4,000; 4 th - RM 2,500; 5 th - RM 1,500 6 th -10 th - RM 1,000 each; 11 th -20 th - RM 500 each Girls: 1 st -1,500; 2 nd - 1,000; 3 rd - 500 Juniors: U-16 - RM 1,000; U-12 – RM 500 Special Prizes: 3 x RM 500 Scholarshi