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The Future Is With Our Tried And Tested Young!

Been back to the realities of work for over a month now so I unfortunately could not make it to the World Youth U-16 Olympiad let alone put any time into this Blog! Like most Malaysian chess enthusiasts I tried to follow the games late at night and at the end of it all I think all members of the team did as well as could be expected, the performance was good and the result perhaps fair all things considered. Some observations (and proposals) that will no doubt annoy some who insist on reading my Blog! 1. For sure this was as good and as representative a team of young players that we could have out together for such an event and they should be allowed to form the nucleus of future national teams. Yes, of course there are other young talents and next year at least two others will be able to join Elgin, Roshan and Li Tian  for another shot at glory. But my argument goes further in that as early as two Singapore-Malaysia matches ago, it was clear that the current 18+ years generat