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Winners at the Asian Continental Championships

Congrats to a worthy winner in China's Li Chao. The top five qualify for the World Cup and because Barbosa had already qualified, the top six above are effectively all in! For the women it was just one place and second seeded Huang Qian took the only qualifying slot on tiebreak ahead of top seeded Chinese compatriot Tan Zongqi. Malaysia was represented by IM Jimmy Liew (no woman player was interested) and given he also attended the FIDE Trainer Seminar held concurrently, I think a 9-10 point rating loss could even be considered to be a success in such an incredibly strong field! No doubt he will be telling his reader all about his adventure in his blog in the days to come but the table above would indicate that Jimmy is still too strong for those lower rated than him, that on his day he can hold stronger IMs but those with the GM title are now a little beyond him. And we must end here by congratulating Jimmy on now also achieving the FIDE Trainer title, joining Mas a

Manny Pacquioa Cup Asian Continental Chess Championship Starts

Malaysia is represented by IM Jimmy Liew at the Asian Continental Championships being held in Manila from 17-27 May 2013. He is seeded 58 from 76 players in a top class field from 14 countries including 26 GMs and 19 fellow IMs and 10 FMs and probably the only good news is that he should be too good for the majority of players ranked below him! See details at

Of World Championships, Both Men and Women

The very existence of FIDE, the World Chess Federation for those who still do not know this, is owed to the World Chess Championship and its basic reason for existence is completely dependent on it! FIDE only gained legitimacy when with the death of Alexander Alekhine it ceased to a personal property of the holder, and they took full opportunity to organise a World Championship tournament with all the top players invited, and from which the first of many Soviet World Champions, Mikhail Botvinnik emerged. Much later, world chess again had a crisis when Gary Kasparov (who if rumour would have it, would be running for FIDE president next year), with the Professional Chess Association, held his own title matches but after a period when we had two championships in parallel, everything became reunited again and in fact, like many, I see the continuing line of Fischer-Karpov-Kasparov-Kramnik-Anand as correct. But what is certain is that since the time of the Kasparov-Short match, FID

National Closed Championships 2013 is Official!

Terengganu is one of my absolute most favourite places in Malaysia and for many months now it had been confirmed that the National Closed Championships would be held there. Unfortunately there became many problems with dates with the announcement of GE13 and so I am very happy that in the end it is still going to happen although regretfully I will not be able to go as Chief Arbiter as originally planned. I remember fondly the years I built my entire annual vacation around a drive to the east coast, participating in the Pesta Pantai, hanging our with chessplayers all over Terengganu and Kelantan before, and then, still a bachelor, going off alone to do my 10 days of scuba diving off many different islands including Pulau Kapas of Kuala Terengganu and of course Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. And in the days when you rented your own fishing boat! So congratulations is indeed due to Terengganu chess and I trust that with this event and also having one of them in Ghalam Sani ret

New Hopes?

Encouraging performances by several of our usual young players, although really nothing to really shout about, at the just concluded Selangor Open, was further helped by an SMS forwarded from Greg with some good news and now there are more details at: In the SMS his mother also confirmed that he will be playing in the National Closed Championships and I will be very curious to see if he and many of our young players who have shown so many flashes of promise can really step it up when it matters. MCF has made three qualifying places to a preliminary 8 person National Team available from this event and this is their chance!