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The First Ever Fischer Random Chess 960 Tournament in Malaysia


Malaysian FIDE Trainers Directory

Image This is a particularly important announcement for our local chess community given so many do chess coaching for a living and such titles are important to them. Sadly many are inactive (suspended in FIDE terms) and/or in arrears of licence fees. I would encourage those who feel these titles are still important to them to immediately make payment. MCF's upside is we now have a directory of official FIDE licenced trainers!

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For the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF), a very positive outcome from the Asian Summit held in UAE last December was significant help from the Asian Chess Federation with a grant given towards helping us organise a FIDE Arbiter Seminar. This is also going to be an arbiter refresher course for existing arbiters and which is very timely indeed given the changes of the laws of chess and some marked trends which are affecting regulations. With this MCF has also published a directory of our current FIDE Arbiters and introduced a new process for qualified individuals to apply to become National Arbiters. It is well known that when Abd Hamid Majid left as MCF Secretary many years ago, so did all the assets and in Gregory Lau's time, new assets never really did seem to accumulate. So I was very grateful to Hisham Al-Taher, General Secretary of the Asian Chess Federation,