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Visiting Kenya

I had the privilege to conduct a FIDE Trainer Seminar in Nairobi. Kenya from 19-22 September 2019 see: This was quite an experience with many memorable moments and I like to believe that my visit might have made a difference and my hosts seem to have thought so although given how hospitable, kind and gracious they had been... And I will also have to say that their chess culture, while vibrant, is also certainly very entrenched! Let's start with the 18 hour journey starting from KLIA to Bangkok on Thai Airways and then after the usual 4 hour wait, on a rather good Kenya Airways, to their capital city Nairobi. The report on the seminar itself is on record and given in the link earlier so I would like share the highlight of my trip which almost did not happen given my tight schedule. Of course, it was Safari!  Note how close the city is to the Nairobi National P