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Chess in Taiwan Beats COVID-19!

East Asia has enjoyed a few success stories with COVID-19, and Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei as some know it), was certainly among the leaders. I have visited this country many times and for me, besides the obvious beauty of this island nation, its  culture and wonderful food, and of course the always warm hospitality, what has always stood out was the discipline of its people as can be seen in a clarity of purpose coupled with strong sense of community. Given all these, it was unsurprising that the Chinese Taipei Chess Association was able to successfully organize the 2020 CTCA International Chess Open, which was, in this time of online chess, actually played over the board and also FIDE rated! Of course all the required protocols was observed and I congratulate the Chinese Taipei Chess Association for bringing a sense of normality not only to chess but to give us hope for a life that we have not experienced for some time now.