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Report of the FIDE Trainers Commission 2019/2020

FIDE Trainers Commission Report 2019-2020 Table of Contents 1. The FIDE Trainer System – Titles & Licences 2. New Teaching Curriculum 3. Organising of FIDE Trainer Seminars 4. FIDE Endorsed Academies 5. Development Projects 6. Operational & Administrative Challenges 7. Proposed New Regulations 1. The FIDE Trainer System – Titles & Licences TRG evaluates trainers for the award and licensing of FIDE Trainer titles through FIDE Trainer Seminars, TRG Professional Education & Development Workshops, Direct Applications, and the passing of a recognized Sports Chess Diploma, by recommending the same for approval by the FIDE Council. FIDE Trainer Titles are awarded for life while a Trainer License is a certification by FIDE and TRG of current proficiency to train at the indicated level of the awarded FIDE Trainer title. There are six (5) FIDE Trainer titles: four (4) titles which are awarded through seminars, and one (1) title a recognition of a lifelong contribution or extraord