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We are Ready to Go with Chessable Classroom!

Chessable, the world's leading chess E-learning platform, in partnership with FIDE, has launched the FIDE Chessable Academy, aiming to support young talents worldwide and encourage them to succeed in chess. The introductory classes were held in English, Russian and Spanish languages and featured FIDE President  Arkady Dvorkovich ,  FIDE Managing Director  Dana Reizniece-Ozola ,  Chessable CEO  David Kramaley  and other officials. FIDE President  Arkady Dvorkovich : "We are very happy with our collaboration with Chessable and the Play Magnus Group and our aim is to deliver the best coaching to the most talented young chess players around the world. Both of us are lucky. On the side of FIDE, together with Chessable, we have a chance to combine the coaches under the umbrella of our Trainers' Commission with the young chess players who we believe is our future, the next generation to dominate the chess arena for the next decade and even more." Chessable CEO  David Kramale