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FIDE Book Award Winner 2021

  The  Yuri Averbakh/Isaac Boleslavsky Award  for best book published in 2020 goes to  “The Life & Games of Vasily Smyslov (The Early Years: 1921-1948) ”, written by  Andrey Terekhov , and published by  Russell Enterprises . The runners up were “Think Like a Machine”, by Noam Manella and Zeev Zohar (published by  Quality Chess ), and “Masterpieces and Dramas of the Soviet Championships: Volume I (1920-1937)”, written by Sergey Voronkov, and published by  Elk and Ruby .

Invitations for Online Olympiad Trainer Support

Letter to Federations: Dear National Chess Federation FIDE has agreed to provide training support for up to 30 teams that are confirmed to be participating in the coming FIDE Online Olympiad 2021 to be held from 13 August - 15 September. Selection of Federations was based on the combined results of men and women teams at the Batumi Olympiad. Eligible to apply are:  No Team 1 Gabon 2 Djibouti 3 Central African Republic 4 Gambia 5 Seychelles 6 Burundi 7 Tanzania 8 Rwanda 9 Togo 10 Palau 11 Ivory Coast 12 Senegal 13 Lesotho 14 Sierra Leone 15 Sao Tome & Principe 16 Mauritius 17 Ghana 18 Bermuda 19 Cameroon 20 Bahamas 21 Ethiopia 22 Netherlands Antilles 23 Guyana 24 Maldives 25 Kenya 26 Swaziland/Eswantini 27 Thailand 28 Cyprus 29 Surinam 30 Jordan If you are interested in this offer, please contact the FIDE Trainers' Commission urgently via email: Your deadline is 30th July 2021 We are now also inviting trainers to apply to be your coaches, to provide five (5) h