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Teacher Training for FIDE CHESS FOR PROTECTION at Kakuma Refugee Camp

INTRODUCTION FIDE, through its Trainers' Commission, will conduct three (3) workshops for 15 facilitators (including two from the girls chess club) to effectively teach the 1,600 children in 40 schools to play chess. Each workshop will be held on a weekend, 12 hours each, for a total of 36 hours, via Zoom. Workshop 1 will introduce the instructional methodology, and walk through the facilitators with custom made material for a beginners - start to play chess - course based on eight (8) lessons of between 1-2 hours each, incorporating a continuous feedback loop with questions and answers, together with practice of real life scenarios. Workshop 2 will be conducted no later than one month after the start of the teaching in schools by the facilitators, and besides the teaching of additional beginner lessons, as appropriate, will focus on the challenges faced, and to develop solutions. Workshop 3 will be held as a Special FIDE Trainer Seminar which awards both international instructor t