My Nightmare with Qatar Airways


In December I had agreed with my daughter to go to Athens but after we had booked our flights in Qatar Airways and found excellent accommodation, we were able to go simply because Malaysia remained on the list of centres barred from entering Greece.

Fast forward, and with restrictions all lifted and with a two week window in May, we decided to try again.

The flight was again booked on Qatar Airways adding some RM 2,500 to the travel refund vouchers issued as the fares had gone up and with email confirmation, I booked an apartment for nine nights.

Friends were informed of the visit, appointments made, and gifts were purchased.

With some 48 hours to go, I decided to go online and check in and to my shock the system said there was no such booking and refused to recognise the given reservation number.

The next few hours was spent in trying ton contact Qatar Airways and finally I got through to an extremely unhelpful customer service representative in Malaysia who basically was not interested in helping rebook the flight and only agreeing to refund the cash, saying that the travel refund vouchers issued by Qatar Airways had nothing to do with them???. She of course also refused to let me speak to her superior...

I was however on chat to get hold of international customer help and the person established there was a technical glitch that cancelled my booking.

Of course there was no explanation as to why I was not informed by email...

While she was helpful compared to the earlier experience and was able to book me to go a day earlier, and the itinerary ultimately received by email, and so with just a few hours before having to go to the airport I had to call the accommodation and add an extra night's stay.

Then I realised that everything was actually unconfirmed and when checking back with international customer help I was told that there were no seats???

No flights on 10 or 11 May either, so a refund was offered, cask plus travel voucher on same terms as before.

There comes a time when one has to stop accepting all this incompetence and for me it was to get a full refund in cash as I never wanted to be forced to used Qatar Airways again given it was now a premium airline was morphing into an Air Asia, and that since the accommodation that was not refundable that was to be also reimbursed as compensation.  

But as we all know, this is only the beginning and it will be a long time before I see any money.